Life in Tabs

Jason Kincaid over at Tech Crunch just posted the first in his series of reviews of the new Google Chrome OS. Yay.

Yes, it seems that the long-awaited cloud operating system seems to be on it’s way, and so far, Kincaid is optimistic that this won’t be another fad…and hopefully not another Google Wave.

This all comes as I’ve been transitioning browsers, moving off the Mozilla-based Flock browser, which I’ve been on for a couple years, and onto the precursor of Chrome OS, the Chrome browser.

Flock was awesome, but as the developers behind it began moving toward their own cloud-oriented (let’s call it cloudy) browser, the Mozilla-based version started getting a little buggy. In all fairness, I think the problems Flock faced had more to do with trying to integrate their browser with dozens of social networking APIs. For example, the integrated Facebook feed never really worked that well. But all that said, this browser was really a great tool and I loved how it wove social networking into their browser.

But, dear Flock, I’ve met someone new. Chrome. Yes, the one I was flirting with when visiting Google Docs and Gmail. In fact, now that I’m with Chrome, it all just feels so familiar, like we’ve known one another for years.

Anyway, back to life in tabs…the more I live with a smartphone, the more I really want all those promises of a cloudy OS to be kept. You know, the synching of my browser extensions, settings, bookmarks, etc. And since I live in my browser, why shouldn’t it integrate seamlessly with my desktop. All this makes me excited about Chrome.

Plus, it’s yet another thing to try. And (even as I write this), I’m reminded that it’s always good to have multiple browsers on hand to test pages with. Already, I’ve seen some weirdness in how Chrome displays sections of some pages. Not too many students are using Chrome to access my library yet, but their numbers are bound to climb.

Now…on to adding the delicious extension!


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