RIP Delicious

Just got wind that one of the casualties from the Yahoo! layoffs the other day was the social bookmarking service delicious…or as we oldskoolers used to fastidiously type,

Sigh. I really am almost going to cry over this loss. I loved this service and though my use of it has been in fits and starts, when I needed it, I really needed it!

Hopefully, Yahoo! will do it’s delicious fans a favor and turn the technology over to the open source crowd. If they do, that will be interesting to see how it develops from there.

Also of interest, though, is how this will impact all the blogs and libraries that have integrated the service into their online tools. Will people seamlessly migrate to other social bookmarking tools? Or will there be a big, blank, empty spot where once dynamic tags roamed free and wild?

Whatever the case, it’s a good example of how the cloud is not as stable as some would hope. Not sure about you, but I think this might be a good time to start a conversation between the tech industry and users on best practices for gracefully transfer services to the public domain when they fail to be profitable but still remain popular.

Meanwhile, you can export your delicious bookmarks, tags and all.

Goodnight sweet, scrumptious, delicious. You’ll be missed!

[update: seems that Yahoo! is scrambling to repair the PR damage of this leaked sunsetting. Apparently they are looking to sell or otherwise off-load Delicious. I’ll tag this story “”.]


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