Bye-Bye Bin Laden

Just feeling a flood of reflections on the announcement of Bin Laden’s death. So hopeful his death, just as his deeds, might bring the country together. Reflecting on that day in Western China when my future wife was texting me the news from New York. Reflecting on how ferociously angry I was. Reflecting on how some politicians used that anger to mislead us. Reflecting on how the country changed. Reflecting on how we still haven’t excised those demons. Reflecting on how well the President and our special forces handled the operation. Reflecting on how great it feels to be rid of Bin Laden. Reflecting on how far away we are from sorting through the mess the world is now in. Reflecting on how we can never go back.

But for now, it is spring, the sun is shining and clear. And I will live in this one, rare moment of satisfaction, fleeting as it is.


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