Just a quick library update and then on to my trial experience with Google+…

It’s been a whirlwind month in Web Services, but I’m quite pleased to say that one of the biggest projects for which I was hired has taken a huge step forward. On July 1st, my team and I successfully deployed major enhancements to the library portal, including a full re-architecting of the site navigation. If you’re wondering why so few blogs as of late…that’s why.

Up next, working with IT to transition the new architecture and features to SharePoint.

I hope to chronicle the whole experience soon.

But fresh on my mind is my experience playing with Google+, which from my first few minutes exploring it, feels like another great innovation by the folks in Mountain View. Needless to say, they really re-thought Google Wave and kept some of the best elements of it.

One thing that really lept out at me was how you can choose who to broadcast your posts to. In Facebook-speak, that would be the equivalent to posting to your wall, but filtering out who of your contacts can see it. Of course, this could get dangerous, especially if you’re the type that has significant alter egos you like to play with. The genius, of course, is that Google+ gives you the tools to do so, but you can see how a careless mouse click at 1am might cause some reveal your inner otaku to your co-workers.

The whole “real life social network” issue was one Paul Adams discussed in his very viral preso on how online social networks had so far failed to mirror the real way people are connected. That is, they didn’t allow for nuances in relationships, so a colleague was equivalent to a close friend.

Joke is, Adams used to work for Google, and now works for Facebook.

Anyway, the service looks like a keeper and it will be interesting to see what impact it has on Facebook’s own services now that Adams works for them (lol). One open question also is, killer app or not, are people even looking for another social service to dive into. And, as has been illustrated time and again, there’s no logic to what makes or breaks a social network. American-based Orkut took off in India and Brazil, but failed in the US and Facebook continues to flounder in Japan.

Anyway, back soon…


3 thoughts on “Google+

    • I’ve been hearing about these kinds of leaks too.
      Another thought I had was how comfortable we should be having our search engine of choice being so integrated with our online social circles. I think about all the TOS changes that happen on Facebook around the clock, where, woops!, all your private data just went public because FB changed it’s policy on you. Imagine that kind of thing happening (even slightly) with your search history data leaking out to the wrong people. I mean, do we really want our colleagues at work to know how obsessed with Cthulhu Cosplay we are?

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