Star Wars Reboot

Sillof's Samurai Wars Action Figures

Sillof’s Samurai Wars Action Figures

So, J. J. Abrams will be directing Ep7 of the Star Wars franchise?

Okay, I’m definitely straying from library science, but hey, I grew up in the 70s…in California no less, where a lot of people looked like Luke Skywalker and, let’s be honest, Chewbacca. How can I, despite the miserable insult that was Ep1-3, not respond to this news?

Truth be told, when I was 7 years old, I used to get into schoolyard tussles because I thought Close Encounters was cooler than Star Wars. But, despite this early critique of the space opera from far, far away, my devotion to Star Wars will likely go on, like a Jedi’s soul, shimmering in the long night well after this mortal coil is shed.

So, really, at the moment, I’m fascinated by what thoughts and doubts must surely be running through J.J.’s mind right now. Lucas was obviously taken by what Mr. Abrams did with his reboot of Star Trek, so I’m sure that he’s been encouraged to do the same with the new movie. But, should he not go further?

I think about this way too much. But if I was in his shoes, I would be soooo tempted to re-imagine the entire look and feel. After all, CGI has taken us light years from aliens that are really nothing more then men in latex suits. I really liked the alien beasts that made an all-too brief appearance in Abrams’ Star Trek movie. So I’m hopeful, he’ll overcome the limits once imposed on Industrial Light and Magic and shoot for some really “out-of-this-world” planet-scapes and bestiaries.

And while he’s at it, can we also take the sets and costumes to another level? I’m not advocating steampunk or samurai rebooting like Silof’s rebooting of star wars figures. But let’s think outside the box a little here. It’s the 21st Century now. Have you seen what today’s soldiers look like (think Zero Dark Thirty)? Shouldn’t we be conceiving of sci-fi as something more than what the US military can put together for a special ops drop in Pakistan?

And, of course, J.J. will undoubtedly be tempted to actually direct talented actors and get good performances out of them…and he’ll likely include a little human drama and conflict in there. Just make it Galactic Coffee, J. J.: Dark and bitter. The old fans like me will be oh-so happy you did.

May the Force be with you, J. J.!


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