Responsive Design Now Ordinary

I had a great time at Matthew Reidsma’s talk on Responsive Design last week here in Chicago. But as I explored the concepts on a MAMP install of WordPress, I was startled to see just how ordinary Responsive has become. That’s because the default themes of WordPress are now responsive (and have been since last year’s Twenty Eleven Theme). Talk about “un-sexying” a technology!

It’s actually quite funny (and yet not funny) because I know many people (not in WordPress) who are working really hard to create responsive CSS using media queries from scratch. And this can be quite a job, because you really need to think differently about content, styling, design and even HTML. In fact, the whole enterprise of building a website is turned upside down…assuming you believe (as I do) that the simplest approach to building a responsive site is a Mobile First strategy.

WordPress (and some Drupal themes) just took all the mystery away, I suppose. If you’re fortunate to be able to use WordPress, responsive is just baked into the system and you can instantly see how it will look on different screen sizes by just dragging your browser window in and out.

Once again, this CMS impresses me for its elegance at solving the user experience issues of our day. Hats off to the WP community.


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