One thought on “Google Book Scans and Library Catalogs

  1. Consider two cases for a particular collection:

    Case 1: A massive, full-text index with simple title/author metadata.
    Case 2: Granular, descriptive metadata but no full-text.

    Which is better? I’m not sure. What’s better than Case 1 and Case 2? Granular, descriptive metadata AND full-text. Is that data overkill? I don’t know. But it’s probably worth having for many resources. I do think we can create less metadata, create better metadata, further automate its creation, and do metadata creation more effectively and efficiently by cooperating better. is a good example of search engines embracing metadata, and that’s something we could also get behind, particularly for unique materials. OCLC marks up their resources with it, and they’ve seen some anecdotal evidence of better search result position.

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